Veteran’s Day (weekend) Specials!

In celebrating and honoring our Veteran’s, we have a few things happening.

For Friday the 11th, all day and all night at all our Hawaii and Guam locations we will be giving 15% off your entire check if you are active or retired military personnel. Please just show appropriate identification and let your server or cashier know. Thank you all for serving and making this country the greatest country!

We also have a special “Veteran’s Day” pancake that we will be running Friday, Saturday and Sunday, from when we open till when we close. They are amazingly patriotic and delicious (Red, White and Blue).

We have a fresh blueberry pancake, a fresh strawberry pancake, and Ghirardelli White Chocolate Chip Pancakes topped with Whipped Cream and Red and Blue Sprinkles.

We’ll be runing these until we run out of supplies. Again if you’re military personnel, be sure to come by on Friday to get your discount for your entire party.

Have a lovely weekend. We hope to see all of you.


Happy Halloween!

We’re here to help you celebrate October 31st.

We will be serving these tasty treats all day on Sunday the 30th and Monday the 31st.

We are doing a chocolate chip and peanut butter chip pancakes (5 pcs) with Whipped Cream and Orange and Black Jimmies.

These are perfect to share.

We are also doing a pumpkin pie crepe. This one we wanted to make sure wasn’t too sweet so you could adjust it with our syrups. With some whipped cream and macadamia nuts, it’s a nice choice for those who don’t want to go too sweet.

We’ll do these all day and all night. Come by before you head out into Waikiki for some of the madness that will be aking place tonight! Please have a safe Halloween, and we hope to see all of you.

– Mahalo

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

We will be donating $1.00 for each Pink Ribbon “Sprinkles” sold, directly to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Add it to any dish and pitch in. We appreciate all your help in joining us support the fight against breast cancer.

The pink ribbon is an international symbol of breast cancer awareness. Pink ribbons, and the color pink in general, identifies the wearer or promoter with the breast cancer brand and express moral support for women with breast cancer.

Breast cancer is the 2nd most common cancer in Women, only after skin cancer. Breast cancer is highly treatable, but must not be taken lightly. 1 in 8 Women will get diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime, but early detection is one of the keys to overcoming breast cancer.

Help us win the battle! Visit us at any of our 3 locations and you can add it to any dish that makes sense to you.

– Mahalo!


Sanrio® and Eggs ‘n Things unite for Gudetama® Promotion and Menu from September 30 – October 28, 2016

We are so excited to do this Promotion with Gudetama!

We are trying to raise money for the victims of the Kumamoto Earthquake which happened in April of this year.

Starting September 30th and running through October 28th, Gudetama will take over all three locations of Eggs ‘n Things. A specially developed Gudetama-inspired menu featuring a variety of egg dishes has been created for this promotion.

Gudetama “Sleepy” Menu: Available from 12:00 PM – Close

Set Menu Price: $15.00

Drink: Gudetama Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream (or Hot Coffee with Whipped Cream).

Entrée: Loco Moco with a Fresh Island Gudetama Egg and Bacon Blanket

Dessert: Gudetama Pancake with Lemon Frosting, Whipped Cream and Fresh Strawberries and a Chocolate Sauce

Gudetama® “Lazy” Menu: Available from 4:00 PM – Close

Set Menu Price: $16.00

Drinks: Gudetama Iced Coffee with Whipped Cream (or Iced Cappuccino with Whipped Cream)

Entrée: Burger with Gudetama egg and French Fries

Dessert: Gudetama Pancake with Lemon Frosting, Whipped Cream and Fresh Strawberries and a Chocolate Sauce

A portion of the meal proceeds from the promotion will be donated to Japan Society’s Kumamoto Relief Fund for the victimsof the latest Earthquake in Japan. For more information, visit:

Please come on by and support!


New Men’s T-shirts in

We took our classic men’s design and put it on a more modern V-neck Shirt.

It is really light and comfortable. We are starting off with two cool colors. This Turquoise.

Here is the back design. Our basic log with some Hawaiian flowers around it.

We also have it in a light heather gray.

We have them in all sizes so come by our Saratoga Retail shot and get one for yourself or for your significant other.

– Mahalo


Need some gifts?


Thank you for waiting, these bestselling items are back in stock!

Firstly, the kids T-Shirts

Yep, it’s printed with what we are know for, our generous mountain of whip cream!

Super cute design that say I GOT WHIPPED AT EGGS ‘N THINGS ☆

They come in 3 colors, pink, blue and grey. We have kids sizes XXS-XL so perfect to pair it with siblings or L and XL are like women’s XS and S so even some of the mom’s can pair it with their kids ♪

Next is our ever popular brown mesh baseball cap

The weathered look gives it a cool vibe ★

From the back


Our kitchen staff wears these mesh baseball caps so you’ll be a true Eggs’n Things ohana if you wear them too!!

We have other colors too so would make a nice gift for your friend or change it around depending on your outfit of the day ★

These mesh baseball caps are also available for online purchase on our websiteウェブサイトso please check them out!

All of these Eggs’n Things products are Hawaii store exclusive.

Popular items sell out fast so be sure to get yours while you can ♡

See you all at Eggs’n Things!


Our Special’s Menu

We aren’t sure if everyone knows this, but each of our locations has a “Specials Menu” board, on things that aren’t on our normal menu. It is usually some special ingredient we get in that week, or something that is seasonal, or somethings just something the cooks feel like doing.

It changes daily, so look for the handwritten menu board to try some limited edition items. Like on Fridays, we always do something very local, like our Kalua Pork Omelets or Benedicts. We had the Kalua Pork Omelet on the Taro bun the other day and it was amazing. That is only on Fridays at our Saratoga location. Each location has its own specials, so come by and don’t forget to look at the specials menu.

Mahalo, and we hope to see you soon.

Father’s day Weekend Special!

Aloha All,

Starting Saturday the 18th through Sunday the 19th, these are our delicious Father’s Day Specials for Dad or anyone hungry for some good food.

Our Hamburger Steak Oscar, is basically our fancy twist on a traditional hamburger steak. We take the hamburger patty, add some sautéed onions, put or crab cake on there, cover it all with our brown gravy, a line of hollandaise sauce, and then top it with a lomi relish (tomatos, onions and green onions).  You can get this with rice, potatoes, pancakes or our trip-colored gluten sensitive potatoes.  This one must be tasted to be believed.  This will be served all day and all night at all of our locations

This is a fun one, to maybe share or just devour by yourself.  It is a Fresh Fruit Nutella Pizza, made with our waffle.  So here’s what we’re doing here. We are taking our waffle, making it crispy and spreading some Nutella all over it, that being like the pizza sauce.  Then we put Fresh Strawberries, pineapples, and blueberries on it.  We then take some local Macadamia nuts and spread that over it as well, and then top it with a dash of powdered sugar.  Then we give you some chocolate and whipped cream on the side.  It taste great, and is surprisingly a rather healthy option if you don’t eat all that whipped cream and chocolate.  We’ll be serving this from 4:00 PM till close at all our locations.

If you have any questions, please call one of our locations for clarification.  Thank you for checking our blog out and Happy Father’s Day!


Our Local Honey!

Today we’d like to share with you the honey that we all really like ♪

Here at Eggs’n Things, we are selling these honey in an adorable looking teddy bear bottle

They come in 2 sizes ★

8 oz and 2 Oz

It’s got our original Eggs’n Things logo on them so it’s perfect as ” omiyage” or gifts for friends and family’s back home!!

8 oz comes in three flavors

Christmas Beery

Rainbow Blossom

Macadamia nuts

2 oz comes in two flavors

Rainbow blossom ( yellow cap )

Macadamia nuts ( black cap )
We make another color combination for the 2 oz teddy bear honey ★

Pink cap ( Mahalo ) Macadamia nuts

Blue cap ( Aloha) Rainbow Blossom

With the ALOHA and MAHALO labels, these are perfect as Wedding favors or little thank you gift for any other occasions ♡

We sell these prepackaged in pairs:)
By the way…

Our Acai Bowls that we serve at our restaurant are topped with these Rainbow Blossom honey !!

These honey are bound to ” sweeten up” your life with the taste of aloha!!


You can also purchase these honey and all of our other retail items on our website below.

Please check it out ! ♡

New Burgers at Eggs ‘n Things Saratoga!

So, we worked on some new fun and delicious additions to our evening menu at Saratoga.  We’ll calling it our Bistro Menu, but here are some basic highlights. All our beef burgers are made with 100% local big island grass-fed beef.

The Volcano Burger, Our Big Island grass-fed beef patty with Cajun rub topped with Pepper jack cheese, fresh lettuce, sliced tomatoes, grilled onions, Jalapeños with a Sriracha Mayo on a fresh baked onion bun served with French fries.

Our Paniolo (Cowboy) Burger.  Big Island grass-fed beef patty served with cheddar cheese, fresh lettuce, apple-wood bacon strips, onion rings and our original Guava BBQ sauce on a fresh baked onion bun served with French Fries.

The Cajun or Furikake Ahi Burger: A Cajun Ahi Steak with fresh mixed greens, sliced tomatoes, Sriracha mayo on a fresh baked Taro bun served with French fries. Also available with Furikake Macadamia Nut Ahi with a Wasabi mayo sauce.

Honey Dijon Club Burger.  Grilled chicken cutlet topped with Mozzarella cheese, fresh lettuce, sliced tomatoes, sautéed mushrooms, apple-wood bacon strips, Honey Dijon mustard on a fresh baked onion bun served with French fries.

There is much much more, but here are some of the ones we wanted to highlight.  They are available every day from 4 PM – 10 pm at our Saratoga location (Exclusively).

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